Why Bloom Master?

Every artist needs the right tools. Bloom Master has been designed by hanging basket enthusiasts for hanging basket enthusiasts. The patented plug-insert design puts more possibilities into the designer’s hands and is simply a better container for hanging baskets (and portable vegetable gardens for that matter). The design choices of plastic material, deeper baskets, and plentiful holes all support the efficient and productive growth of plugged flowers and further display those flowers in a showy and pleasing way.

More Holes = More of What You Want

More Flowers

Bloom Master baskets have 4 times the plantable surface area of a comparable sized basket. BUT if planting every hole is too costly, do NOT fill every hole. The planting mix will stay in and in time the flowers will grow large enough to cover the unplanted holes.

More Oxygen

The roots of the planted plugs will continue to grow and use energy. The roots get this energy through cellular respiration

using oxygen to convert sugar to growing energy. The more oxygen available the more energy the roots can provide to the rest of the plant. More holes give the plants more oxygen.

More Volume

Bloom Master hanging baskets have more soil volume than typical hanging baskets. This allows the plants in the hanging basket to grow larger and stay moist longer.

More Variety

The high number of side openings in Bloom Master hanging baskets allow for incredible design flexibility. It is not necessary to plant every opening. Because of the unique design, potting mix will not wash out of planted or unplanted openings.

Shorter Growing Time

The Bloom Master plug-insert design grows fuller faster allowing shorter grow times for nurseries and therefore faster turnover sales time.

More Customer Traffic

These showy hanging baskets will bring customers in the door and prove to them your green thumb know-how, not to

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mention the awesome floral ambiance for your retail space.

More Quality

Our baskets are made of high quality polypropylene and come in 2, 3, 4, and 6 gallon sizes. The 2, 3, and 4 gallon hanging baskets come with a 4-strand wire hanger with rigid hook. The 6 gallon basket comes with a heavier chain hanger that can hold a tremendous amount of weight.

We invite you to try these new hanging baskets and box planters and see for yourself what a spectacular display of flowers you can create with Bloom Master.