Hanging Baskets

Our technologically advanced hanging basket creates a wonderful display of flowers that cannot be achieved using any other type of basket. (We call this display of flowers the Bloom Master effect.) Better yet, these gorgeous plants grow faster and live longer and are more profitable. The Bloom Master hanging basket is simply the finest hanging basket available

Decorate Your Business and Bring in More Traffic

Our hanging baskets are made of high quality poly-propylene and come in 10”, 11″, 12” and 14” sizes. The 10”, 11″ and 12” hanging baskets come with a 4-strand wire hanger with rigid hook. The 14” basket comes with a heavier chain hanger that can hold a tremendous amount of weight.

It is not necessary to plant every opening! The hanging baskets need to have flowers and plants placed in the top and first row of holes to create the cascading effect. After this, the other holes are optional-use. Keep in mind, the more plants used, the “fuller” the presentation, and the more money your customers will pay for the planter. Plant these to your own price point!

Bloom Master can be used as a hanging basket, using a chain or optional cone hanger for poles and railings. If you would prefer a non-hanging plant, this basket also looks great on a stand – its blooms cascade down the sides, creating a wonderful appeal for customers. For those who are interested, Bloom Master also offers a wide vaiety of planter stands.

Versatility is one of this unique planter’s hallmarks. It can be used in Summer or Winter months. Simply empty the Spring container in the Fall months, and fill with pine boughs and other decorations to create a beautiful holiday display.

Retail displays, special packaging and retail stickers are available with easy step-by-step instructions.